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        Home>cayken products>Wall Cutter Series
        Wall Cutting
        Hydraulic wall cutter with huge power
        Automatic detaching track.
        Automatic feeding and cutting.
        Digital controlling box(computer version).
        It can be remote controll
        Hydraulic pump quantity Rated Voltage(v) Rated Frequency(Hz) Rated Input Power(w) Voltage socket(16A)
        Motor form Cutting depth(mm)
        Current overload Net/Gross Weight(kgs) Packing Size(cm)
        KCY-HDD-39 3
        380/400/480 50/60 30 1(250V) 3 phase water cooling 47 Digital remote control 160 518*320*675
        KCY-HDD-45 3 380/400/480 50/60 43 1(250V) 3 phase water cooling 63 Digital remote control 170 518*320*675